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What is the average individual environmental impact/ecological footprint in Georgia? E.g. what is the daily energy/water expenditure of an individual living in Tbilisi? how much waste does an individual/household produce on a daily/monthly/yearly basis? what happens to trash discarded in the street & what positive impact could ensue if individuals disposed of their garbage properly? how much money can a household save if it transfers to energy-efficient lightbulbs? how many trees could an individual save from felling if he/she followed simple guidelines such as using both sides of the paper and choosing not to print emails? what will be the positive long-term impact on the environment if individuals make use of multiple-use shopping bags, rather than polyethylene? and etc.
People in Georgia, and especially Tbilisi, need to clearly understand that they have the power to contribute to environment protection through making sustainable choices and following simple eco-friendly tips :)

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