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The recent draft migration law sent to Parliament would require "that any business which wants to hire a foreigner has to first go through a process of looking for a Georgian. This process requires that the company submit the job requirements for that position to the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs (MLHSA). The MLHSA will then look for a Georgian candidate that matches those requirements, using a labor database that they are developing, and will send the details of that candidate to the company. If the company does not want to hire the candidate suggested by the MLHSA then they will have to provide a written explanation as to why."

It would be interesting to look at the overhead of enforcing such a law, and not only. A quick look at hr.gov.ge data shows recently almost 1000 job announcements in one month, and that does not even include private sector job announcements such as jobs.ge. My first reaction is that this would indeed be costly to enforce.

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