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Street drug tests in Georgia -  - Within the framework of the Drug Policy Liberalization Campaign, JumpStart Georgia created a series of infographics dedicated to Georgia's drug policy.
The current drug policy in the country favours punishment: thousands of people are made to take drug tests each year, out of which 66% are confirmed to have not used drugs. For those whose test results are positive, fines vary from 500 GEL to 2,000 GEL or more. The Georgian budget receives about 20,000 GEL in fines from drug users each day, while money allocated for rehab and the treatment of drug addicts is almost two times less than that amount. Due to the country's small budget, currently only 5% of drug addicts have access to treatment in Georgia.
Is punishment oriented drug policy effective? Does it solve the problem or does it increase harm? What are the consequences of such policies?

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