We Do Data Journalism! We Visualize News What is Data Journalism? Getting Data We seek out data from a variety of organizations, both public and private. When data is not readily available, we request it. When there is no data, we create it. Analyzing Data We look at the data from different angles, analyze it, see trends, observe proportion and relationships. We discover stories. Visualizing Data Visualization provides a unique perspective on data. We make information colourful by visualizing stories using a variety of tools. We visualize each story using a tool that is better than others. The trick is to choose the right one. Share/Make it public We publish these visualizations on our website, make them freely available for others to use, share them with you, and hope you share them with others. 45% more web users will click on a link if it features an infographic 30% of those will forward it even if the information is pointless 40 % of people respond better to visual information than text 90 % of information that comes to the brain is visual